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The Docceroos: Chasing the American Dream

Hearts were broken, dreams were dashed and around the world boomerang shaped-tears dripped into pots of Fosters beer when Australia bowed out of the World Cup.

Of course I am talking about the 2015 World Medical Football Federation Championships (also known as the Morell Cup after Spanish Doctor and Founder, Ferran Morell). And obviously I am talking about the infamous Docceroos. As the Matilda’s arguably enjoyed a higher billing in Canada, Australia’s Medics played in front of a slightly lesser crowd (give or take 50,000 people).


Source: http://www.sbs.com.au – originally supplied by the Docceroos

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My GP Journey

Only as recently as 18 months ago and hitting the big three-zero did I start to take my health seriously.

Ironically despite working in the health industry for the past 6 years I was particularly good at telling others what they should do but put up the classic male bravado when it came to health; refusing to go the doctor until I could not get out of bed and telling myself “it will go away”.


Source: RACGP / Youtube – Originally appearing at http://www.crikey.com.au here
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Hug Life: Changing Men One Hug At A Time

I had been meaning to tell this story for a while and as I sit on honeymoon in Mexico by the pool there was ample time to do so. Furthermore two articles that appeared on my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds over the past week or so made this piece even more relevant. Click on the links below and ideally read them first. The first article came with the “revelation” that Hollywood actor James Franco posted a “selfie” photo on Instagram of him “cuddling” up to a male friend in bed (excuse the excessive use of speech marks). The second article was from news sharing and blogging site sensation The Huffington Post; somehow concluding 93% of men admitted cuddling with another guy (I have no idea of who, where and how many men they asked).

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