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Leura Lazing

Once again, and for two weeks running this time, my Thursday was my Friday as I prepared to set off for Leura in the Blue Mountains for the weekend.

My declaration was met with playful replies at work such as, “Do you even work Fridays?” and, “ANOTHER holiday?” I cheekily replied it’s just clever to ration out holidays over the year.


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Thierry The Tourist

France, and the French, was something I looked upon with suspicion since a child. Much like many places, foods and people I looked down at, listening to the masses’ opinions and experiences. “The French are a rude race of people”, “They eat weird stuff like frogs legs” or “They refuse to speak English”. It probably had something to do with the well-publicised fact the British and French rarely get along and there is a long history of distaste between the two. Spurred on by recommendations and being in London for my honeymoon my wife Carolina and I booked a day-trip to Paris.

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