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The Docceroos: Chasing the American Dream

Hearts were broken, dreams were dashed and around the world boomerang shaped-tears dripped into pots of Fosters beer when Australia bowed out of the World Cup.

Of course I am talking about the 2015 World Medical Football Federation Championships (also known as the Morell Cup after Spanish Doctor and Founder, Ferran Morell). And obviously I am talking about the infamous Docceroos. As the Matilda’s arguably enjoyed a higher billing in Canada, Australia’s Medics played in front of a slightly lesser crowd (give or take 50,000 people).


Source: http://www.sbs.com.au – originally supplied by the Docceroos

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The Docceroos

Socceroos, Olyroos, Kangaroos and the lesser-known Futsalroos. The quirky nicknaming of Australian national sports teams is unashamedly endearing and clearly if you add ‘roos’ on the end of any name you just cannot go wrong.

In my day job in recruiting Doctors across Australia and beyond I encounter some interesting practitioners. A couple of years ago I produced an article about Sports Medicine with a Doctor I work with; he revealed he was also a Doctor for the Socceroos (Australian National Soccer Team), and with my love of football this was pure gold.


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