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My Top 3 Podcasts: Real History

History is one of my passions. I’m fascinated by history. But not the regular, default history that 99% of the world accept and are force-fed at school and by the media. That history has been written by the victors and glamourises war, suffering and frankly, false historical heroes, monarchy and the like.

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The Unpredictable History of Romanian Football

As some of their Balkan cousins are packing their beachwear for Brazil in under 100 days, Romania remains firmly out in the cold. Despite finishing second in their group and missing out in a playoff against Greece, they finished nine points behind group leaders the Netherlands.

Not that expectation was high; with the country not playing in a major finals tournament since 1998 the national game has fallen down the list of priorities as the domestic game and authorities are found to be among the most corrupt in the world. The promising early rise of football, a huge period of wilderness where potential superstars were kept under wraps and a national golden era post-Communism make up the rich and fading memories of Romanian football.


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Bosnia-Herzegovina: Brazil 2014’s Favourite Underdog?

In 1992 the Yugoslav team was on the brink of greatness, a feat that was matched across many sports including the world game. The subsequent war resulted in a tragedy that ripped apart the nation and spawned six separate republics: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Zimbabwean Football: Clinging to Mugabe’s hollow promises

Last week the infamous Robert Mugabe claimed a landslide ‘victory’ in the Zimbabwe presidential elections to tighten his leadership grip. Since 1980 he has reigned as the Prime Minister then President over a regime of alleged corruption and violence. The economic situation has deteriated in tandem with his land-grab policy over the last decade and there have been almost non-existent funds for sport; along with education and culture, sport formed one government ministry. In March this year Mugabe handed out the domestic league’s trophy and took a very sudden and suspicious interest in football promising when he won the election money would be made available.

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