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Ecuador: Riding High on The Wings of Altitude

Ecuador. Not just famous for the 1997 dance tune by Sash of the same name; now their national football team is making waves. Traditionally one of South America’s less prominent nations, as its economy has thrived, so has its football, keeping up with the likes of the emerging Colombia and Chile. Having reached the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals they are shortly due to play warm-up games against Australia, Netherlands, Mexico and England before things get serious against Switzerland, Honduras and France.


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Bosnia-Herzegovina: Brazil 2014’s Favourite Underdog?

In 1992 the Yugoslav team was on the brink of greatness, a feat that was matched across many sports including the world game. The subsequent war resulted in a tragedy that ripped apart the nation and spawned six separate republics: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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The Magical Ticos: A Profile of Costa Rican Football

As the teams were drawn for Group D of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil last month one team would have been looking at their opposition in awe. Costa Rica, the plucky Central American nation, will need to conjure up some giant-killing to creep into the Second Round, but if history is anything to go by it will be a goal they relish. The nation’s production of some outstanding talent recently is not by accident; despite periods of years in the wilderness there have been historical patches of brilliance with sustainability their biggest foe.

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Luxembourg Football: Emerging From its Neighbours’ Shadows

Until last week Luxembourg was more famous for being a tax haven for the world’s wealthy and has been treated with suspicion since the Global Financial Crisis. With a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that is ranked number one in the world, the nation would for once have its five minutes of fame in the sporting arena last Tuesday evening. A historic 3-2 victory at home against Northern Ireland gave the country its first World Cup qualifying win since 1972 and only its fourth ever. With just over half a million residents the country is bordered by France, Belgium and Germany and its football culture has been influenced by all three nations. It’s performance and status on the world football stage has however not mirrored its neighbours’ traditionally strong record.


Image courtesy of The Guardian – http://www.theguardian.com

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