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The History of Football In Malaysia

While the tragedy of disappearing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has dominated the world’s headlines over the past few weeks, the current state of football in the country also remains a mystery. Barring a period of exciting football in the 1970s with an abundance of striking talent, the national team has faded quickly and recent and consistent revelations of corruption across the domestic competition do little to inspire confidence for the future.


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The Surprising History of Indian Football

India is the world’s second largest nation with a mind-boggling population of over a billion people. Despite this monumental nation they are seen as anything but a global leader when it comes to football, with very few professional players and a national team that fails to make world news. But if we take a deeper look at the history of the game you will find that they were once a powerhouse in Asia, represented by some curious but talented figures and, subject to increased resources and a grand plan, India aim to return to the peak of Asian football.

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