Below is a sample of my published articles appearing online and in print. Some have also appeared on my own Blog page.



Online Sites for GP jobs – Australian Doctor: Smart Doctor (magazine pull-out) – March 2014

The DocceroosTerry The Tourist (online) – September 2013


Baby BlurThe Dad Website (online) – April 2017

Good Dad, Bad Husband – The Dad Website (online) – February 2017

The Good, The Dad and The UglyThe Good Men Project (online) – December 2016

Dressing for Work: Part 2SMF Sydney Men’s Fashion (online) – March 2014

Dressing for Work: Part 1 SMF Sydney Men’s Fashion (online) – February 2014


Chinese Football: An Unreliable HistoryThese Football Times (online) – June 2014

The Magical Ticos: A Profile of Costa Rican Football These Football Times (online) – January 2014

The Anglo-Italian Cup: Romantic, Violent, Ridiculous Nonsense (But I Miss It Dearly)Sabotage Times (online) – January 2014

From begrudgers to betting: our favourite things online this week (Filipino Football) – The Guardian (UK newspaper), Favourite Things Online This Week – December 2013

Filipino FootballThese Football Times (online) – November 2013

The Turbulent Magyars: A History of Hungarian Football – These Football Times (fanzine) – November 2013

“I just wanna write and play football…”Terry The Tourist (online) – August 2013

The Roots of Northern Irish FootballThese Football Times (online) – August 2013

The Warriors & Robert Mugabe – These Football Times (online) – August 2013

Lebanese Football: Beirut, Bombs & Buecker – These Football Times (online) – June 2013

The Syrian Uprising – These Football Times (online) – June 2013

Big Trouble Down Under – UPRO World of Youth (online) (PDF) – September 2012

Doctor Football – Soccer International Magazine (print) (PDF) – March 2011

DPR Korea Asian Football Confederation Cup 2011 Preview – FourFourTwo Magazine (print) (PDF) – April 2011

South Korea Asian Football Confederation Cup 2011 Preview – FourFourTwo Magazine (print) (PDF) – April 2011

Making 2012 – Australian Paralympic Soccer Team – FourFourTwo Magazine (print) (PDF) – November 2011

Top 10 Performances by 10 Men or Less – FourFourTwo Magazine (print) (PDF) – September 2010

Brisbane Roar Season Preview – FourFourTwo Magazine (print) (PDF) – September 2010

Top 10 Tweets in Soccer – Making The Nut (online) – April 2011

Qatar Stars League – Football Rascal (online) (PDF) – March 2011


Coming soon…

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