Embrace Different

Something hit home to me today more than anything in the last month or so. A podcast of course (Ricky Varandas from The Ripple Effect) talking about different mindsets; his, his partner’s and others. The turmoil and conflict inside him, that then he reflects externally and can be on the dangerous curb of judgement. Specifically when he booked someone for his podcast that is a hero and his wife said “Can you take out the trash?”

We all sometimes worry we don’t connect enough or like the same things as those close to us but ultimately, does that matter? As long as we respect and do not belittle the other’s choices or play down their internal conflict and desire to change the bad in the world, or on the flip-side someone else’s optimistic, “smaller” world view that they do their very best to create?

As Ricky ponders this, one of my favourite podcasters on the planet, truth God James Corbett, counters and says something that made me stop my daydreaming on the bus and transcribe these words down (I have mentioned before I absorb gems from each podcast, but it is impossible to take on every single word).

True, objective thinking:


“There’s a trap we can fall into here. To think what we are doing is making the world a better place and what people like that are doing is kind of sleep walking through life. But, NO.

Don’t sell that short. My wife IS making a wonderful home for my family.

That IS making the world a better place. That is contributing to the next generation that is going to be either loving, caring individuals or little brats.

And thankfully with a loving wife making a nice home, that IS helping the next generation.

I think there has to be a place for all the different types of people in society. And my ideal for a future that I would like to live in, would be a World where not everyone has to be constantly activist and concerned about these things and worrying about this and that. It’s a place where people CAN be just interested in creating a better home.

That should be a way that people can live their lives, if that’s what they want. And that’s what we have to aim at, is to recognise that everyone has different tastes and interests and things that they get excited about and hopefully create a world where that can co-exist peacefully and happily”.

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