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GERRY: The Story of GSM Gerald “George” Stone is the biography of Gerald Stone, one of the most revered and respected, but equally anonymous military figures in the British Military in the 20th Century.

Professionally he rewrote the standard procedures of Trooping The Colour and organised numerous ceremonial events such as King George VI’s funeral, Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, Winston Churchill’s funeral and Princess Margaret’s wedding.

Gerry achieved an MBE, was mentioned in Dispatches and fought for his adopted country in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

He was also my Great-Grandfather and the greatest man I never knew as he passed away when I was a baby. The book covers his life detailing the humble way he dealt with his high-profile position.

The reason I wrote this story was the realisation my very English and very humble and modest family, never celebrated what a revelation this man was.

My personal outlook had changed dramatically, becoming more open and honest and I wanted future generations of our family to know what they could achieve by being a decent but hard-working person. He also became a second Dad to his Grandchildren when his son-in-law passed away and that in itself is a huge gesture to me personally.

From his early years in Waterford, Ireland to leaving alone at 15 years old to join the Irish Guards in London to find his AWOL father, Gerry shone bravery in abundance.

His ascent through the ranks of the Queen Mother’s favourite regiment coincided with his reputation at home as a wonderful husband and father.

Action on the battlefield followed littered by incredible and legendary accounts but his career would not end there. Post World War II he would completely revolutionise the role of Garrison Sergeant Major.

Overseeing several of the most prestigious Royal and Ceremonial events Gerry still managed to play the joker at home that loved a whisky and recounting tales with comrades that hung on his every word.

His sudden passing on retirement left a long list of Honours and Medals and a heartbroken but equally proud family.

For more information about Gerry or the book please do not hesitate to contact me at – I will be happy to provide you with an electronic copy or the link to order a print version.



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