My Top 3 Podcasts: Real History

History is one of my passions. I’m fascinated by history. But not the regular, default history that 99% of the world accept and are force-fed at school and by the media. That history has been written by the victors and glamourises war, suffering and frankly, false historical heroes, monarchy and the like.

The history I am interested is raw. Eyewitness accounts and real, human history. The stories experienced by the people that were there. No matter their race, colour, class, nation or “side”. The type not tarnished by high-level corruption.

I’m fairly advanced when it comes to technology. But only recently have I embraced podcasts. I do love my books still but the podcast is the most practical way for me to learn while in the car, on the train or when my eyes are too tired to read.

Below are three Podcast series’ that I recommended you try, if like me, you want something alternative or the real story:


The Bowery Boys: New York City History

Two friends from New York, Greg Young and Tom Myers provide a thorough history of the always-entertaining city including its attractions, monuments, people and events. Delightfully humorous there is nothing about The Big Apple that these boys cannot tell you.

Website – Click here

Podcast – Click here


Stuff You Missed In History Class

Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey effortlessly deliver the stories behind the stories in a friendly, cup-of-tea-by-the-fireside style. At times scientific, at others times macabre, this regular series covers worldwide history with the majority American.

Website – Click here

Podcast – Click here


Hardcore History

Looking at a more intense view on history and civilisation, this alternative offering if all else will leave you gripped to your earphones. Having been described as “provocative” and “controversial” by the corporate, robotic media, you will always be entertained.

Website – Click here

Podcast – Click here

By Terry Cornick


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