NYC: Curious Sights for Regulars

Below is a brief list of places to visit once you have become a regular. They are a good starting point and I can personally vouch for them.

There are thousands more curious sights that are rarely publicised to the masses but if you Google “curious sights New York” or “alternative New York sights” or similar you will find a treasure trove of options.

As a perfect compliment and for inspiration download the hundreds of Podcasts available from “The Bowery Boys” – a New York duo that explain the history of anything and everything related to the city in a fresh, entertaining style. I cannot get enough of their Podcasts and don’t know how I survived this long without them.

Combine this with the book I Never Knew That About New York by Christopher Winn and you are set to explore the city like no-one before you…

Picasso’s Sylvette (Sculpture)

Near NYU, between Bleecker and Houston at LaGuardia Place

Roosevelt Island

Take the ‘F’ subway line to Roosevelt Island stop or take the Tram from Manhattan Tram Station, at 59th Street & 2nd Avenue

Bellevue Hospital

462 1st Avenue

New York’s narrowest apartment

75 1/2 Bedford Street, off Sixth Avenue

Pier 54 (Titanic’s final docking)

Next to Hudson River Park, West Street and 13th Street

Lower East Side Tenement Museum / Irish Outsiders Tour

97 Orchard St

Tweed Courthouse (The Old New York County Courthouse)

52 Chambers St

Irish Hunger Memorial

North End Ave & Vesey Street and North End Avenue

Ghostbuster’s Firehouse (FDNY Ladder 8 Tribeca)

14 N Moore St

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