Dressing For Work Pt. 2

Leave sports watches in the gym locker

Unless you are taking part in an office Olympics your luminous green wrist-piece will give you attention for all the wrong reasons. Think about investing in a sharp silver number or vintage style watch that will go well with all suit shades.

Tents should not be a shirt substitute

If you can fit two fully grown men in your shirt then it’s time to look at some more slender options. Wearing over-sized shirts is a common mistake, they may have been 5 for $50 but the square cut has little regard for your shape. Pay close attention to the ‘fit’ of your shirt.

Shoes that resemble football boots

Most people do not cross a swamp to get to the office so your shoes should reflect this. Regardless of price or style a simple wipe with a damp cloth everyday will help. Or go all out and invest in an old-school brush and polish to keep your shoes fresh.

Brown is not black’s best friend

Using the example of shoes, wearing brown footwear with black pants clashes. Contrast is key here, either match them exactly or show enough difference to create an edge.

Wearing creased clothing

This may seem like an obvious point but you might as well be wearing a sack if you are not pressing your suits weekly and donning crisp shirts.

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