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Afghan Football: From Kabul to the X-Factor

Just the mention of Afghanistan immediately evokes images of war, conflict, Osama Bin Laden and instability. The US led “War on Terror” that began in 2001 appears to have an end in sight. As more allied troops withdraw they are left with the moral responsibility, wanted or not, to leave infrastructure, both economic and social.

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Cuban Football’s Long Term Stagnation

As US whistle-blower Edward Snowden considers offers of asylum that are few and far between, a long time enemy of the United States appeared to open its arms; the Caribbean island country of Cuba was allegedly ready to supply all the cigars he can handle. When it comes to the world game of football, the Communist nation has more than it’s fair share of issues to contend with that are a direct result of it’s political standing.

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The Pharaohs: Egyptian Football Battles to be King

As Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi still refused to relinquish his leadership this week, millions of protesters increased their vocal pressure on the current regime. Football and it’s disciples, as it invariably does in the modern world, have not emerged unscathed and have played a reluctant supporting role in the countries turmoil.

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