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Lebanese Football: From Beirut to Buecker

This feature was born out of two factors. Following on from my recent feature on Syrian football, I read in the news that the current unrest has spilled from Syria into neighbouring Lebanon, a country littered with history of war. Secondly being British and living in Australia for four years I have noticed the huge influence Lebanese communities and culture has in Sydney.

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The Red Eagles – Syrian Football Grounded?

You could be forgiven for knowing little about Syrian football. An unremarkable record on the field internationally and a domestic league that does not even have a website would not be high on the agenda of a fanatic football fan. With the country firmly in the spotlight on daily worldwide news and allegations of chemical warfare, this piece aims to give you an insight of how corrosive the regime’s affect has been to football.
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Holger’s Socceroos’ Super Subs

Despite being an expat football fanatic in Sydney, my interest in the national team’s progress to the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup was waning. That was until things got interesting.

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